It happened once, it’ll happen again!

And what’s this? New characters? Yes!

This strip also kicks off the XNN storyline, and we’ll be permanently transitioning to a bi-weekly update schedule, starting now, on Mondays and Thursdays! We’ll be deviating from the joke-a-week format and forming something a bit more cohesive and sustainable. We’ll definitely keep making it funny and enjoyable (we hope), so don’t worry. Things might get a little bit ridiculous sometimes, but that’s just part of the fun, hmm?

We have three brains wracking together, shooting each other down and making each other cry to come up with good stuff for every update, so please look forward to it!

Also I’d like to point out that we’re having a March raffle for a free piece of fanart done in the comic style. Remember that you can tweet daily to increase your entries! Good luck!