tldr: I have nothing good to say about the atma quest.

It’s all fun and games until someone introduces a brutal RNG grind with no challenge or worthwhile experience whatsoever.

19 hours, 300 FATEs and 6 Atmas in, I can say for certain that I really don’t like how the Zodiac weapon questline is starting off. Percimont has his atma weapon already. Raynault and I have not been nearly as lucky.

The prospect of a shiny new(ish) weapon is exciting, but the Atma questline itself is unimaginative, unchallenging, and simply not fun. It’s a thinly veiled timesink that reeks of lazy implementation. They buffed dungeon experience because no one liked the levelling FATE grind, and in the next patch they gave us an even bigger FATE grind to progress in our Relic weapon quest. When are the developers going to realize that NO ONE LIKES FATE GRINDING. FATEs do an excellent job supplementing the world quest and levelling experience, but for God’s sake, please don’t center high-level content around them.

Obviously, I’ve loved this game enough to dedicate a portion of my time creating fanwork for it. However, if this initial Atma questline is any indication of the kind of content we’ll be facing to upgrade our arguably important Relics in future patches, I’m not sure I’m going to want to be there to play it.